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Leading the motor coach industry in safety, we have equipped our motor coaches with a Hispacold Air Purification system!  Your health & safety is our main concern, and we are proud to have made such a swift response during the pandemic to make the necessary upgrades to our equipment. 

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You could say our motorcoaches have been Vaccinated!

Small World Tours & Cruises is headquartered in Central Florida and is recognized as the leader in Motorcoach Transportation, Charters and Group Tours. Once again we have taken a leadership role in the fight against COVID-19.

In a combined effort from our staff, our motor coach manufacturer Prevost and Volvo, ABA (American Bus Association), NTA (National Tour Association), along with other various resources such as the CDC, we are pleased to announce that we have installed the Hispacold Air Purifier System in our motorcoaches.

In order to improve air quality inside buses and coaches, Hispacold has developed Eco3, an air purifier that prevents unpleasant odors and neutralizes microorganisms, allergenic pollen and germs such as COVID-19 and others. Eco3 is based on the generation of negative ions and ozone in adequate proportions, increases oxygen content, keeping levels healthy and preventing the air inside the vehicle from vitiating.

Eco3 is placed in the air-conditioning equipment inlet and starts to work automatically whenever the Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is turned on. All of these advantages come with a very low –almost insignificant– electricity consumption.

The Eco3 air purifier helps to create a clean, healthy and pleasant environment, removing unpleasant odors and in fact, reducing the feeling of tiredness of passengers and driver.

In addition to added and newly detailed disinfectant cleaning, the Eco3 air purifier works continuously throughout time and is effective for a long time without the need for maintenance, compared to other specific disinfection treatment, such as sprays or aerosols, effectiveness of which decreases from the moment it is applied. While we and most all others have been very detailed to the "cleaning" of the motorcoach which basically refers to the removal of germs, the added process of "disinfecting" which refers to the killing of germs is now a high priority to our program. The use of highly advanced electrostatic fogger and spraying equipment will aid in this very important process of creating a clean safe environment for all our clients and staff.

The Eco3 air purifier has proved to be effective in vehicles in which it has been installed and it has been scientifically tested by the prestigious international company SGS Tecnos, an environmental expert.

You, both our client and friend, are very important to us at Small World Tours and Cruises. We are doing everything we can to create a clean & secure environment on our coaches.


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